Nike air Max 1

Nike air max 1 Brown kelp
308866 301
6 US => 13 US
130 €
Nike air max 1 Honeycomb
308866 700
6 US => 13 US
130 €


Yassou.M said...

I'm french it's possible to deliver in france ? And They are always available in brown/pink ?

Delfi Do said...

Hey, i'm very interested in the brown kelp ones. Is it possible to order them from you? Are they available in European size 39?
Love to hear from you, Delfi.

London Style Scout said...

Hello, I'm from the UK and am interested in both pairs. I was wondering if you still have any in european size US 12 or US 13?

Thanks for taking the time to read this message looking forward to hearing from you.